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Follow-up questions re a group reading!

Poll showed preference for chronological by publishing date:
Tiassa (due March 29, 2011)

Preference for time per book seemed pretty evenly split in 2-4 week range; I would suggest splitting down the middle at 3 weeks per book except for: when Tiassa's due out. Does anyone who wanted longer think it would be worthwhile to trim it down to 2 weeks a book (+/- a week here and there for Major Holidays(/School Finals), whatever ones we find most relevant distractions in our lives) to be ready jump on Tiassa when it comes out?

appended question: What times of year should we allow more time for our group reading on account of great business? I am personally tempted to throw out most of December due to finals/Hanukah/Yuletide/Christmas; they all overlap and most of December looks pretty overwhelming.

vaguely related question: What do you think the spoiler policy should be for this community? Most recent book goes behind spoiler cut? Everything goes behind spoiler cut out of deference to those of our members who haven't read everything? Everything from a certain year on? I mean, I still refer to The Orca Spoiler and it's been--holy crap--14 years.

separate question: Those of you who want to do a reread of the Paarfi books together, do you want to run that concurrent to the Vlad reread, or after?
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So I had this idea that we could reread (or read, for those new to some!) the Vlad books together, to get talking about them. Would anyone be interested in a scheduled group reread?

Poll #4366 Reread the Dragaera books
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 10

Are you interested in a group reread of the Vlad books?

View Answers

9 (90.0%)

1 (10.0%)

On what kind of time scale? How many weeks between books?

View Answers
Mean: 2.89 Median: 3 Std. Dev 0.74
10 (0.0%)
23 (33.3%)
34 (44.4%)
42 (22.2%)
50 (0.0%)
60 (0.0%)

What order should we use?

View Answers

Order written: Jhereg, Yendi, Teckla, Taltos...
4 (40.0%)

Chronological order: Taltos, um, Dragon, Yendi, Jhereg...
5 (50.0%)

Pull book titles out of a hat!
1 (10.0%)

Would you also be interested in a Paarfi reread?

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Yes, in order written, so after Phoenix we'd hit The Phoenix Guards
0 (0.0%)

Yes, in chronological order, so we'd do all the Paarfi before the Vlad
2 (20.0%)

Yes, separately from the Vlad reread
7 (70.0%)

1 (10.0%)

Thoughts? Concerns? Answers too complex to fit in a radio button? Your comments, please!

Unrelatedly, in the course of double-checking the book sequences I stumbled on the Adrilankha Gift Shop. I may have purchased a Shut Up, Loiosh tee, a Valabar's menu magnet, and a Klava recipe magnet (I've always meant to try that out, I bought a French press expressly for the purpose). I was tempted by the cycle tee and Paarfi's version of "My parents went to Dragaera and all they got me was this stupid t-shirt," but alas frugality won out. Shut Up, Loiosh is a much more important message to have on my boobs.


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